Paleo recipes

I’m a student at the University of Michigan Dearborn campus and an IT Analyst at Avanti Press in Detroit, but I’m off for the summer — so I’m using the extra time to get my ducks in a row before I head back (Can’t wait to start Computer Science II and Discrete Structures I!)

Among other things, that means going back to fully home cooked meals as they are *vastly* more economically efficient than eating out.  I’m going to update this post intermittently with successful recipes that meet this criteria:

  • Quick to prepare (no more than 1 prep time per week).  Note this means I will be using REAL-WORLD prep time (the time it takes me), not “I have been a chef for 10 years” prep time you so often find on recipes.
  • Limited ingredients (No more than 15)
  • Inexpensive ingredients (No more than $20 for the most expensive ingredient)
  • Paleo-esque ingredients (Not *strict* paleo, but no breads, no excessive sugar, minimally processed ingredients, that sort of thing.  I realize this is a bit nebulous.  I don’t have a way to quantify this, sadly.)
  • And of course, good-tasting!  (In other words, good enough that I would definitely cook it again.)

The recipes:

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